How to Play Hold’Em Poker?

Hold em poker is one game that you should at least know – for it is one of the most popular social activities out there! If you have yet to learn how to play hold em poker, do not fret. The rules are fairly easy and you just might find yourself playing within fifteen minutes of first learning the game.

The Cadillac of Poker

Funnily enough, hold em poker is called the Cadillac of Poker because it is very common and quite a dependable game to (dependable for fun, that is). This should all the more make you want to learn how to play. Like it was earlier mentioned, hold em poker is quite easy. You only need fifteen minutes to get things started and to know the rules.

First, there should be two players found on the dealer’s left side and puts out blind bets. A player who is found right onto the left side will then put out a small blind; at the same time the two players found on the left of the dealer will have to put out what is known as a big blind. Each player is given two cards which are put face down and are called pocket cards or hole.

Now, it is time for the action. This is also known as the first move, where the move will first begin on the person found on the left side of the group’s big blind. This person can do any of the following: call the bet, fold, or raise the bet. After this, everyone takes a turn in a clockwise manner. As soon as everyone is done betting, the three cards will then be placed face up right on the middle of the table and this is also known as the board. These three cards are what you call ‘the flop’. Such card is also known as community cards because anybody can simply use them to combine with their own cards in order to generate the best hand. Starting with the flop, betting will then begin on the left of the dealer and the bets can also be checked.

More Cards Being Dealt

A fourth card ends up being added to the board, which will then be referred to as the turn card or fourth street. There will be another round of betting until the fifth and final card is then added. This fifth card in hold em poker is what is known as the river or fifth street. As you can see, in hold em poker the cards have names in intervals. The last step in hold em poker is when all the other players reveal their card combinations and the one with the best combination will win the game. These are the very easy and simple rules you need to know to play about hold em poker (interesting to know is that the Danish term is Spil hold em poker ). It is quite an easy game, this hold em poker – and soon you will no longer feel left out when the entire gang gathers to play it. you may even find yourself being skilled enough to play at an actual casino!


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